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Studies show that employees have better, faster recoveries when they have the right evaluations and follow up care. Our strong participation in transitional duty programs assists injured workers to recover on the job while receiving the treatment they need.

WORKcare has walk-in services so any minor injury can be seen during the day. And because we see only workplace injuries, your employees are not exposed to the viruses and bacteria typically present in a doctor's clinic.  

WORKcare can give you priority access for specialty services. We have a strong referral system to expedite care for employees who need orthopedic, physiatry, rehab evaluations, MRI, EKG/NCV or other testing. It saves precious time when a diagnosis and treatment are needed. We also provide you direct access to the largest local network for outpatient rehabilitation, through Rehab Unlimited Harrisburg, Logan Park, West Frankfort, Anna, Carbondale and Murphysboro.