What is the Preferred Provider Program?

In 2011, the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Reform Act made it possible for employers to direct the care of their injured workers by participating in a Preferred Provider Program.

How does this work?

  • Just like a PHO for your provided health insurance, you select a panel of providers that your injured workers can choose from when seeking medical attention.
  • Your injured worker reports to WORKcare to have the injury assessed and treated.
  • If/when a referral is needed, your employee chooses from the panel of providers that you selected.
  • The employee can choose two different providers. If the employee chooses to “opt out,” they can, but this is considered one of the two choices.
  • WORKcare.ready.well provides you with all the necessary forms and marketing materials.
  • WORKcare.ready.well can even provide education to your employees to maintain a positive transition. (LEARN MORE)

What if the provider we use isn’t on the list?

Let WORKcare.ready.well know who it is and we will work to get that provider in our network.

Being part of a Preferred Provider Program benefits employers and employees both by providing quality, injury-related treatment for the employee and helps get them back to work timely and at their pre-injury status. 

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