Wellness Tips for Happy Holidays

happy holidays

Take the focus off food.

Plan holiday activities that don't involve food. Volunteer for a local cause, play fun games, get active outside or find your inner DIY. Involve family and friends - it's a win win!


Be satisfied, not starved or stuffed.

Try placing nothing off limits when it comes to holiday food and drinks. Decide which indulgences you really want, and take the time to really enjoy eating them. Be aware of mindlessly consuming food and drinks just because they are there. 


Forgive yourself.

Remember, it's not all or nothing. If you over indulged, make a lighter choice at your next meal. Don't beat yourself up if it already happened. 


Don't worry.

Remember what the holiday season means to you. Take a moment to breathe when things get tough. Stay grateful and keep a positive outlook - it will encourage others around you to do the same!

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