Now a Designated Coordinated Occupational Health Provider is now an HFN Coordinated Occupational Health Provider (COP®). The COP designates Southern Illinois Healthcare WORKcare.ready.well (WCRW) as a comprehensive occupational health site. After passing a rigid on-site review, participating in staff interviews and meeting the necessary requirements as set by HFN, WCRW is offering employers in southern Illinois a more robust approach to the management and continuity of care provided to workers with acute injuries.

HFN LLC, a Stratose company is the largest privately owned Workers’ Compensation Preferred Provider Organization Network in the state of Illinois. 

As an HFN coordinated occupational health provider, WORKcare.ready.well:

  • Provides the delivery of primary care occupational health services with a “return to work” (RTW) philosophy
  • Utilizes a defined panel of referral specialists and case managers, with referral appointments occurring generally within 48-72 hours
  • Implements an enhanced communication protocol at the first report of injury
  • Offers expedited and enhanced registration, scheduling and handling of work-related injuries for registered employers that have their return to work and contact information on file with the coordinated occupational provider sites
  • Enhances the continuity of care while also improving the quality of care
  • Reduces employer costs and manages both the cost of care and the indemnity cost.

The WORKcare.ready.well program combines the strength of our occupational health, rehabilitation and wellness programs for companies and their employees. WORKcare.ready.well offers injury prevention, but in the event of a worksite injury our team assesses and treats your injured worker—getting employees back to work as soon as possible.

About HFN LLC:
For nearly 30 years HFN LLC, a Stratose company, has provide innovative workers’ compensation, group health programs, and comprehensive healthcare management services for clients, members and providers. As the largest independently owned PPO network in Illinois, HFN has a strong Midwestern focus. As part of Stratose, that focus extends to all major national markets.


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