Being Safe At Work

Did you know that research shows that 99% of all workplace injuries are preventable?

According to, the top three myths about workplace injuries are that:

  • you cannot create a hazard-free workplace
  • being safe takes too much time and money
  • accidents just happen

While accidents are always bound to happen, having a safety program in place can reduce and minimize these accidents.

Be Proactive and Safe

Hazards will always be present at work, but the proper use of equipment and following safety procedures can make the possible hazards more identifiable and avoidable. It is the identification of the hazards that make it possible to be proactive and safe at your workplace.

Pros and Cons of a Safety Program

Putting together a safety program does cost some time and money on the part of your businesses safety or human resources department. However, a cost/benefit analysis will show that the direct and indirect costs of even one minor injury will likely be more that what it costs to put a safety program together.

Empower Employees

While accidents are bound to happen in hazardous environments, education of risk is vital to preventing injuries. Make sure your employees are aware of their surroundings and how to handle potential injury inducing situations. Provide personal protective equipment and make sure that everyone is well versed in putting it on properly. Encourage clean and organized work spaces. Practice proper posture and lifting techniques. Most importantly, take the time to evaluate risk.

Does your business have a safety plan in place to protect your employees?

If the answer is no, Work Care.Ready.Well can help you get one started. If you have a safety program in place, let us know if we can help you improve on the great work you have already done. 

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